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Oct 17

Right Choice!

Are you familiar with our MEC Enhanced Plans? The MEC Enhanced Plans have been created to provide your clients with a more robust coverage option…


Sep 17

ACA Update

After the attempt at repealing the tax provisions under ACA failed in July, the IRS will continue to enforce the tax penalties as dictated by the law…


Jul 17

Your One Stop Shop for all Rx Solutions!

Century Healthcare is your one stop for all Rx solutions, offering standalone Rx programs or options bundled with our medical plans. See…


Jul 17

Simple Savings

You can now save up to 80% on prescription medications by using the FREE Century Healthcare Pharmacy Discount Card powered by…


Jul 17

Century Healthcare GAP Plans

Century Healthcare (CHC) understands the challenges that employers and employees face when it comes to healthcare. With…


Jun 16

Affordable Care Solutions

“Affordable Care” is not always affordable for the hourly employee. Our MEC Plus Plans may be the way to go for employees looking…


Apr 16

Promoting Employee Health and Wellness

Promoting preventive care and wellness programs among employees may help employers avoid unnecessary costs. Implementing…