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Our Products

At Century we are committed to help employers provide affordable benefit solutions to their hourly employees. Keep scrolling to view the products we offer.

Limited Benefit Medical Plans

The Century Limited Benefit Medical Plan can be offered as a fully insured or self-funded product. The Limited Benefit Medical Plan is a cost effective plan option for employers that want to offer basic coverage for their employees. This plan provides first dollar benefits for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Designed to help employees with medical expenses associated with a covered accident or illness, the Century Limited Benefit Medical Plan is highly customizable and may include a variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and ancillary benefits.

Self-Funded Minimum Essential Coverage Plans

MEC Basic - Minimum Essential Coverage Basic

The Minimum Essential Coverage Basic (MEC) Plan provides 100% preventive coverage as outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This self-funded MEC provides a low cost approach to obtaining preventive coverage, satisfying the individual mandate, and eliminating the employer 4980 H (a) “no offer” penalty.

MEC Plus - Minimum Essential Coverage Plus

The MEC Plus Plan consists of a fully insured or self-funded Limited Benefit Medical Plan as well as a self-funded 100% Preventive Care Plan. The MEC Plus Plan adds value to the MEC by offering first dollar coverage for employee`s routine expenses.

MEC Enhanced - Minimum Essential Coverage Enhanced

The MEC Enhanced Plan is a more comprehensive plan with deductibles, copays, and co-insurance. The MEC Enhanced Plan offers more coverage, but doesn`t include hospitalization, thereby lowering your employee`s monthly cost. The MEC Enhanced Plan can be offered alongside a Hospital Indemnity plan as a buy-up option.

Self-Funded Minimum Value Plans (MVP)

Bronze Minimum Value Plans (Bronze MVP)

The Bronze MVP Plan is fully ACA compliant and provides protection against both employer penalties if paid at the affordability level. The MVP Plan must be offered alongside an MEC Plus Plan that meets participation requirements and has a minimum employer contribution of 50%. Simple underwriting for the MVP Plan includes only one medical question.

Ancillary Products

Century offers a variety of ancillary benefits to accommodate the needs of our clients. Some benefits may be offered as embedded products within the Limited Benefit Medical or Hospital Indemnity Plans while others are only available on a voluntary basis. Please review our ancillary products below.


(Discount or traditional)

Short-Term Disability



(Discount and Insured)

Accident Medical

Health Advocate

Life Insurance

(Term, Dependent, Optional)

Critical Illness

Nurse Line Options

AD & D Coverage

Prescription Drug
Plans & Discount Cards

Employee Assistance
Program (EAP)

Gap Plans

Century Gap Plans are designed to supplement your existing comprehensive major medical plan by assisting with the unexpected costs of healthcare. Gap Plans cover a portion of your employees’ out-of-pocket expenses such as co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. Traditional Gap Plans and Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible Gap plans are available with low participation requirements at an affordable cost.

Additional Features

Century prides itself on offering valuable products and services that meet the needs of today’s employers and employees. Products such as Telemedicine, and services such as enrollment options, single source billing and assistance with ACA compliance and reporting help us stay ahead of the game.