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Customer Service: 877.685.2432

Ancillary Products

    • Discount Dental – Based on a specific schedule of benefits through participating providers. Available as an embedded product or on a voluntary basis.
    • Traditional Dental – Voluntary product.
    • Vision – Discount and Insured, both available as embedded or stand-alone benefits.

Life Insurance

  • Basic Life – embedded in medical plan.
  • Optional Life – available as a voluntary product.
  • Dependent Life – embedded in medical and voluntary.
  • AD&D Employee benefit – embedded in medical plan – provides employee and dependent coverage.
    • Accident Medical – Embedded in medical plan.
    • Short-Term Disability – Available as an embedded product or on a voluntary basis. Various benefit options available.
    • Critical Illness – Pays a lump sum cash benefit to help with the financial challenge of critical condition. Paid on first diagnosis of one qualifying critical illness. Embedded in medical plan or on a voluntary basis.
    • Telemedicine – Offered through HealthiestYou with 24 / 7 unlimited access to doctors and a health management platform. Available embedded or as a stand-alone product.
    • Health Advocate – Comprehensive healthcare navigation including coordination of care, medical claims assistance, and fee negotiation among other benefits. Available as an embedded product within the medical plan if life insurance benefits are being offered.

Prescription Drug Copay Plans and Discount Rx Cards.

(Embedded in Medical Plan)

Copay programs offer a variety of copays and/or deducible options

Copay programs offer various monthly maximum amounts

Discount Cards savings between 15% – 80% in over 55,000 pharmacies nationwide

Restricted and non-restricted formulary options available

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

(Embedded in Medical Plan)

24-hour telephone access to a nurse line.

Available in multiple languages with an audio health information library.

24-hour wellness and counseling line for emotional distress, work / life balance, stress and anxiety, and many other concerns.

Assistance with professional legal services, certified financial planning, and management consulting.

Nurse Line

(Embedded in Medical Plan)

24-hour nurse line.

Dental/vision/nurse line – offers dental and vision discounts at
participating providers as well as 24-hour access to a nurse line.