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Limited Benefit Medical Plans

The Limited Benefit Medical Plans have a specific schedule of benefits that are paid on a “per day” basis with a limited number of days per year. These benefits are not subject to deductibles, copays, or coinsurance. These plans are considered “excepted benefits” and are allowed to be offered under the Affordable Care Act.

Advantages of a Limited Benefit Medical Plan Include:

Fully customizable to match the employee’s benefit needs and the employer’s financial expectations

First dollar benefits

Guaranteed to issue

No pre-existing condition limitations

Affordable plans with high rate stability

It is important to remember that these plans are not ACA compliant

Century Limited Benefit Medical plans may include any of the following benefits:

Outpatient Benefits

Office visits

Outpatient lab & X-ray

Outpatient surgery


Inpatient Benefits

Hospital confinement

Intensive care unit

Inpatient surgery


Fixed indemnity, discount and copay pharmaceutical benefits are also available. In addition, some ancillary benefits such as Accident Medical, Term Life, Critical Illness or Telemedicine may be embedded within the plan. Click Here to learn more about our Ancillary products.