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Customer Service: 877.685.2432

Minimum Essential Coverage Basic (MEC Basic)

This plan consists of preventive benefits which meet the ACA requirements for the individual mandate. Preventive care through in-network providers will be covered at 100%

Advantages of the MEC Basic are:

Eliminates the Individual Penalty

Eliminates the 4980 H(a)”no offer” employer penalty

Preventive care covered at 100% through in-network providers

No copays, deductibles, or coinsurance

1st dollar benefits

Guaranteed to issue

No pre-existing condition limitation

High rate stability

Focus on Preventive Services

Century MEC Basic plans cover preventive care at 100%, using in-network providers. Talk to your doctor to learn which preventive services are appropriate based on family history, age, and gender. Once a diagnosis has been made for any kind of illness, the service will no longer be considered preventive.

Minimum Essential Coverage Plus (MEC Plus)

This plan combines a Limited Benefit Medical Plan schedule of benefits with the MEC component that covers preventive care at 100%. This is a step up from the MEC Basic as it provides more benefits for added value.

Advantages of the MEC Plus Include:

Eliminates the Individual Penalty

Eliminates the 4980 H(a)”no offer” employer penalty

Fully customizable to match the employee’s benefits needs and the employer’s financial expectations

No copays, deductibles, or coinsurance

Preventive care covered at 100% through in-network providers

Affordable plans with high rate stability

The Limited Benefit Medical Plan component may include:

Outpatient benefits such as office visits and outpatient lab, x-rays, surgery, and anesthesia

Inpatient benefits such as hospital confinement, intensive care unit, inpatient surgery and anesthesia

Fixed Indemnity, and copay pharmaceutical benefits are also available

Ancillary benefits such as Accident Medical, Term Life, Critical Illness, or Telemedicine may be embedded

Minimum Essential Coverage Enhanced (MEC Enhanced)

This self-funded plan offers two different network options, Provider Choice and the PHCS PPO network. As the name suggests, Providers Choice provides members with the freedom to go to any provider they choose as there is no network attached to the plan. The PHCS PPO network option has a network attached and coverage depends on if the service was received at an in-network or out-of-network provider.

Please note that the Provider Choice plan payout is based on the current Medicare fee schedule. Physician charges are paid at up to 125% of Medicare; facility charges are paid up to 150% of Medicare. Charges in excess of the fee schedule will not be allowed.

Advantages of the MEC Enhanced Plans

100% covered preventive care

Comprehensive coverage without hospitalization

Eliminates the Individual Penalty

Eliminates the 4980 H(a) “no offer” employer penalty

Prescription drug coverage

May be combined with a fully-insured or self-funded hospital indemnity plan for added value

No individual underwriting

No pre-existing conditions limitation

Guaranteed to issue